The OMAD week

The OMAD week

Days 2, 3, 4 & 5 on one meal a day diet.

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Hitesh Joshi
·Apr 1, 2022·

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Day 2 was very challenging. I was barely able to sleep for 3 hours, I wasn't low on energy, but the craving for food didn't let me sleep. But during the daytime, it was pretty productive. I was not sleepy, and my mind was razor-focused. I got a lot done.

Day 3 was decisive. I could finally sleep for 5 hours approx. High on energy, and I could observe the increase in productivity. I think my mind began to learn to deal with the feeling of an empty stomach, and hunger didn't bother me at all. Though it's summer and I made sure to drink lots of detox water( made of cucumber + lemon slices dipped in water overnight)

Day 4 was super tiring. It was a long day at work, and I felt mental drain more than physical weakness. I started feeling brain fog by the end of the evening. But overall still very productive in comparison to the days before starting OMAD.

Day 5 was fun. I couldn't feel hunger, and I thought my body and mind were in sync with the new habit. It was the most productive day of the entire week, with no brain fog, weakness, or hunger kicks.

My observation is that my body adapted to the new diet cycle pretty quickly without side effects. During the day, I feel a dry mouth and an increase in thirst. Those are the signs of ketosis at work. I am still dealing with Insomnia which is another effect of ketosis, but I think this will get better in another few days. I understood that I do not need more than two meals a day unless I am preparing for a marathon or sports event.

From next week on, I will start a bit of running while following the OMAD. I don't know how my body will behave on that, but I will definitely give it a shot and post it here.

For how long I am going to be on OMAD? Well, I have just one target to come back to a healthy BMI and then adopt two meals a day and stick to it.

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