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June 4, 2019 • ☕️ 1 min read


Moved my blog from medium.com to serverless blog running on netlify. This move was very much needed as I want to own my content and do not want users to pay to read. Medium is great but lately the company is forcing users to pay to read the content which the content creators are putting for free. I believe they should add some alternative methods for revenues, to take something for FREE by one user and asking someone else to PAY for it, is not nice.

I quickly bumped into Netlify.com and was amazed with their easy solution to create server-less websites and lambda functions on Amazon AWS. The deployments are easy and this blog has one single point of truth for my data , my GITHUB repository!!

Essentially this is gold mine for tech blogs, if it wasn’t netlify I would have either hosted pages on github or may be use self hosted ghost blog. But the unnessary usage of database, and other resources with a self hosted blog are pain to manage.

Github pages are awesome, but netlify have taken the game to next level by easy serverless functions , forms and identity(users).

I strongly recommened going for netlify if your startup is exploring serverless options!

  • Next thing on the list is to add blog comments, guess with disqus it will be easy.

Its just so cool how far tech bloggers have moved from PHP based wordpress to nodejs based GHOST and now seamlessly serverless.

Thank you netlify! We need move startups like you.